There was a little confusion last month when Paramount announced that 'Paranormal Activity 5' would be pushed back to 2014, while a new 'Paranormal Activity' spin-off film would hit theaters in January. Now we've gotten a little more clarification with the announcement of official release dates for both films -- that's right, two 'Paranormal Activity' films in the same year.

Paramount has confirmed today that the Latin-themed 'Paranormal Activity' spin-off will indeed hit theaters in January 2014 -- the film, officially titled 'Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones,' features a Latino cast and a story focused on a Catholic inquiry into all activities paranormal. Hopefully it'll be better than 'The Devil Inside,' which also focused heavily on Catholicism and the supernatural. The film will be in English, since reading "JUMP SCARE" in the subtitles would be overkill.

As for 'Paranormal Activity 5,' that film has been given the official release date of October 24, 2014. Nothing is known about the fifth entry in the staggeringly successful horror franchise, though the push to 2014 seems to indicate some trepidation behind the scenes, following the disappointment of 'Paranormal Activity 4.' While that film didn't make as much as its predecessors, it was still certainly considered a box office success. And given that the last film was shot in just a matter of weeks, maybe a little extra time and seasoning will give the fifth film the kick it needs.

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