The long-delayed ‘Paranormal Activity 5,’ recently subtitled ‘The Ghost Dimension,’ has had some bumps in production as the film has been shuffled around on the release calendar. But Paramount has recently placed the sequel on the fast track with a planned March 2015 release, and now we have another update on the latest installment in the franchise: not only are you getting a new ‘Paranormal Activity’ film, but you’re getting one presented in 3D. Mazel Tov?

Bloody Disgusting reports that Paramount intends to post-convert the film to 3D, presumably to accommodate the spooky ‘Ghost Dimension.’ Apparently the Ghost Dimension is actually just the third dimension, so I guess we’ve already solved that mystery. Post-converting the film to 3D could be OK or it could be a huge detriment to the project, as the films rely mostly on in-home surveillance camera footage. This lower quality footage could obscure some of the flaws in the conversion process, which might be the point.

‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ is being scripted by Jason Pagan (cool name, bro) and Andrew Stark, and directed by Greg Plotkin, who’s worked as an editor and a producer on the franchise. Not much is known about the plot at this time, but a previous casting breakdown revealed that the film focuses on Ryan, a video game developer, and his wife Emily, who’s hippie-ish and into organic food and yoga, and their tomboy daughter Leila—all of whom recently moved into a new house where some paranormal activity starts happening, and presumably Katie will make an appearance, and maybe we’ll find out what was up with that creepy little boy’s weird antique spoon from the fourth film.

The film is currently set to hit theaters on March 13, 2015.

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