It was no secret that the 'Paranormal Activity' franchise would probably add a fifth movie to its roster, and this direction seemed all the more forthcoming after the fourth film's recent box office success opening weekend. Now the news is official -- we can expect another installment. But that's not all.

Paramount has official greenlit the 'Paranormal Activity' series to move forward with a 'Paranormal Activity 5,' which is currently set to hit theaters next Halloween, according to Deadline. We already knew this would happen as there are still some burning questions left open ended in the most recent 'Paranormal Activity 4.' We have our own theories on where the fifth installment should go, but so far details are in the dark.

Also getting the official go ahead is the previously reported Latino spinoff, which was teased in the post-credits scene to 'Paranormal Activity 4.' (If you haven't seen the movie yet and want to know the details, click here.) We can expect that in spring 2013. Though official plot details are also semi scarce, we can infer from the scene that the famous 'Paranormal Activity' demon will be featured along presumably with the hinted at bodega-type location.

'Paranormal Activity 4' raked in $30 million opening weekend, which the studio refers to as "an amazing result at this $5 million budget level." And with the consistant success during the Halloween releases, the next film will probably do just as well.

What do you think? Are you excited for a 'Paranormal Activity 5'? In what direction would you like the franchise to go? Let us know in the comments below.

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