After taking last year off, the Paranormal Activity franchise is back for what they promise is the final movie (unless there’s another Marked Ones-style spinoff up Paramount’s sleeve). The latest trailer shows off a clever concept for Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension, which will bring the franchise full circle by incorporating the events of the prequel (Paranormal Activity 3) with a new family and story.

The new trailer isn’t too different from the last one, but there’s a neat, spooky gimmick involved. When a new family moves into the house (you know the one), the father and his brother discover old videotapes of sisters Katie and Kristi, taken in the ‘80s during the events of the third film. While watching, Katie appears to interact with them, transcending time and technology in a really interesting plot device.

Unfortunately, the rest of this trailer is a little worrisome. The previous films succeeded largely because we didn’t actually see the demon, but The Ghost Dimension is really going all-out for the final chapter, showing us ghost particles and ghastly shapes and demonic faces, seemingly falling into the horror franchise trap of showing more and more in each new installment — thus lessening the effectiveness of its actual horror.

I’lll reserve full judgment for the final product, as the trailer does promise that the latest (and last) installment has a few tricks up its sleeve, full-Toby or no. But if this film doesn’t explain what was up with that kid’s expensive antique fork in Paranormal Activity 4, I’m out.

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