For the folks keeping track at home, The Ghost Dimension marks the sixth installment of the Paranormal Activity franchise, which means that they've only got ninety-four more features to go until they hit the magic number at which Paramount can sell the syndication rights to TNT and start making some real money. In actuality, Paramount has made it clear that they intend to pull the plug on the franchise after this feature, laying the series of found-footage horror films to rest once and for all. They intend on going out with a bang, not a whimper, judging by the latest trailer for the upcoming film.

By this point, everybody knows the drill. Family, house, specters, terror, cha-ching. After branching out a bit with last year's Latin-flavored spinoff The Marked Ones, the minds behind Paranormal Activity return to their strong suit with another haunted-house spookfest in which the truest villain is... digital videotape! 

It's only when franchise stalwart Katie Featherston and her family begin messing around with the demon scourge of consumer videotape equipment that unnatural evils descend on their home. As Mike Sampson noted in his coverage of the last trailer, the films' box-office draws have begun to sag, and so it's time for one more outing before sending this dog to a farm upstate. At least The Ghost Dimension will put a slightly new spin on the formula by bringing the spectral horrors to life in three glorious dimensions. It'll feel like the rehashes of tired genre tropes are floating out of the screen right at the audience!

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