It seemed sort of inevitable given the way things have been heading with 'Parks in Recreation' over the last couple of seasons, and with chances of renewal always uncertain, we knew that the season 6 finale could've easily served as a series finale. But now it's official: Leslie Knope and the gang will say farewell as 'Parks and Rec' makes season 7 its last on their own terms. 

THR reports that NBC officially announced the return of 'Parks and Recreation' to the 2014-2015 lineup, with the show returning at midseason with its 7th and final season. Though with the possibility of renewal unclear, the season 6 finale could've easily served as a series finale, and creator Mike Schur took a courageous risk, moving the show ahead three years in time at the end of the last episode. Schur said, "The idea that we're nearing the end is part of what gave us the courage to do something like jumping ahead in time. We know we don't have to sustain it for five years. It's a move you do when you know that the show is nearing the end of its run."

With Rashida Jones' Ann and Rob Lowe's Chris having a baby and exiting the show, and Amy Poehler's Leslie and Adam Scott's Ben having their own set of triplets, it definitely seems like the show is finding a way to naturally wind down and give everyone a happy ending. Even Nick Offerman's grumpy Ron Swanson has happily married and had a child.

'Parks and Recreation' coming to an end is definitely good news, though -- Tina Fey ended '30 Rock' on her own terms at NBC and gave her characters the farewell they deserved, and we can't wait to see how Mike Schur and Amy Poehler say goodbye to Leslie Knope and the citizens of Pawnee.

As for Mike Schur, he has season 2 of 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' coming up this fall on Fox in addition to the final season of 'Parks and Rec.'

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