There was once a time (two months ago) wherein we in the TV community were deeply afraid for the fate of 'Parks and Recreation,' never given the love from NBC and fans it so richly deserves.  Now, rightly given its full season order for season 5, what extravagant move is 'Parks and Recreation' pulling for season 5, which will see Ben headed out to the nation's capital while Leslie settles into her new role at City Council?

According to TVLine, 'Parks and Recreation' will literally be moving.  The series is exploring the option of shooting its season premiere on location in Washington D.C., with the potential to film other episodes there as well.  Fans of the series will recall that season finale "Win, Lose or Draw" saw Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) succeeding in her race for City Council, though Ben Wyatt (Adam Scott)'s advisory of her campaign caught the eye of Jennifer Barkley (Kathryn Hahn), who offered him a position in Washington D.C.

Given that the finale saw Ben reluctantly accepting the job, 'Parks and Recreation' has decided not to scrimp, actually utilizing D.C. as its setting.  Leslie will likely tag along as well, at least for the premiere.  Speaking with TVGuide, executive producer and show-runner Mike Schur says of the decision to move forward with the storyline:

We want to make it real. We don’t want to have it be that in the premiere all of a sudden he’s back. That would be pointless. He’s going to be gone for a while.

At the moment, it remains unknown how long Ben will stay in Washington D.C., and how often the character will be featured against Pawnee, though Adam Scott is still a contracted series regular.

What say you?  Are you excited for season 5 of 'Parks and Recreation?'  How do you think Ben's Washington D.C. story will play out?  Sound off in the comments below!