It's official!  Waffles for everyone!  Save for 'The Office,' as of now NBC has renewed all of its best single-camera sitcoms for additional seasons!  One night after Leslie Knope had her big victory in Pawnee City Council, NBC has opted to renew 'Parks and Recreation' for an additional season!  Joining 'Parks' for an additional season is freshman parenting comedy 'Up All Night,' but the real question remains: just how many episodes will each renewal see?

Additional details will follow, but for now 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Up All Night' fans can breathe a sigh of relief alongside 'Community' and '30 Rock' viewers, as NBC has opted to stick with its best comedies even with all the recent additions.  Luckily 'Parks and Recreation' has received a full 22-episode order, whereas like 'Community' and '30 Rock, 'Up All Night' received truncated 13-episode order, likely to accommodate NBC's new wealth of programming and test ratings.

Of course, even if NBC only orders 'Up All Night" or the others for 13 episodes, additional pickups are certainly possible if ratings hold out.  In a world where 'Chuck' floated on the bubble for three seasons before closing out with a 13-episode fifth season, anything has to be possible.  Be advised however, 'Chuck's season-long stories suffered a bit when writers could only plot as far as 13 episodes, uncertain of how they'd continue given additional orders.

Still unknown is the fate of NBC's highest-rated comedy 'The Office,' but renewal seems especially likely now that John Krasinski, Ed Helms and Jenna Fischer have all committed to an additional season.  It seems unlikely that NBC would give the same 13-episode order for 'The Office,' what with potential changes and a future spin-off mapped out, but word could come at any minute.

What say you?  Does 'Parks and Recreation' deserve a larger order than NBC's other comedies?  Should 'Up All Night' have been given the same treatment as a more fledgling series?  Which shows would you like to see NBC make more room for?  Celebrate what victories we have, and give us your picks in the comments!

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