Mindy Kaling is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, after graduating from The Office to her very own show, lending her voice talents to Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out, and set to have a starring role in Ava DuVernay’s upcoming A Wrinkle in Time adaptation. Now, it looks like she and Paul Feig are in serious talks to join forces for a comedy set in the world of late-night broadcast television.

Variety has learned that Feig is in negotiations to direct the as-yet-untitled comedy film, for which Kaling has written a screenplay. The film is said to be a combination of The Devil Wears Prada and Broadcast News, so sign us right the heck up. We don’t know any more details about the script apart from that, but it sounds like a ton of fun and comes at just the right time too, as late-night hosts are more popular now than ever. Jimmy Fallon and James Corden have cornered the viral video platform, while clips of Colbert and Samantha Bee make their rounds on the internet the morning after they air. But finding out what goes on behind closed doors would be even more of a treat. Wouldn’t you kill to be a fly on the wall behind the scenes of The Late Show or the Tonight Show or Last Week Tonight? What if all of these hosts who seem so fun and nice in person are all stone-cold Miranda Priestlys waiting to strike at any intern who doesn’t give them the right notes for that evening’s taping? What kind of stressful acrobatics do the writers of all these programs have to do to come up with John Oliver’s 15-minute-long political takedown segments or Fallon’s musical impression games?

Mindy Kaling is a comedy queen, and Paul Feig is known for his hilarious female-centric films. These two working together would be unstoppable. That’s all.

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