'Fifty Shades of Grey' is everywhere and no, we can't burn the internet and book stores down and start over again with this whole "society" thing, so we might as well just deal with it. At least we have comedy, so here's comedian Paul Scheer of 'The League' auditioning for the film adaptation.

Comedian Paul Scheer is a true gem. An alum of comedy troupe Human Giant and current star of FX series 'The League,' Scheer brings a certain brand of wacky, aloof humor wherever he goes. This week on College Humor, Paul Scheer submits his audition tape for the film adaptation of 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' If you aren't familiar with the book (we want to live under whatever rock you call home), you can read our handy guide to what the hell that whole thing is all about.

The short version: a recent college grad named Anastasia Steele (really) falls for an older businessman named Christian Grey (yes, really) with a BDSM fetish. Moms and sexually curious young women everywhere have been obsessing over this book, which is re-purposed 'Twilight' fan-fiction (seriously) being sold to women who just don't think the typical paperback softcore garbage is sexy (read: poorly written) enough to do the trick.

In the below video, Scheer auditions for the role of Christian Grey and seems rather confused by both the writing and the content. "A Christian Grey-flavored popsicle?" he asks, then wonders if Joe Biden is what grey tastes like. Also hilarious: his attempt to integrate 'Twilight' into the audition.

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