Even dating back to the beginning of his career, Paul Thomas Anderson has always liked working with musicians. In 1997, while putting the finishing touches on Boogie Nights, Anderson and several of his cast members snuck in an iconic music video for Michael Penn’s Try (and yes, Michael is the older brother of actor-writer-director Sean). Over the next two decades, Anderson would lend his talents to the music videos of a diverse group of artists, including  —  but not limited to  —  Aimee Mann, Fiona Apple, Radiohead, and Joanna Newsom. Anderson’s most recent music video, released just this April, was for the song ‘Right Now’ by the band Haim, proving that his film schedule won’t keep him from shooting more music videos going forward.

But that’s not all! According to a new post by the band (via Vulture), Anderson and Haim have cut together a short film named Valentine that will also combine two new Anderson-directed videos for the band. Better yet, you can enter to win tickets to a live screening of Valentine on 35mm and be treated to an exclusive launch concert with the band. Here’s the post from the official Haim Twitter account:

While the website doesn’t officially say for sure that Anderson will be in attendance, it’s probably a good bet that he’ll pop in, making this Valentine screening a must-do for anyone in New York City (or willing to fly there for a long weekend). All you have to do is share your pre-order code for Haim’s next album Something to Tell You and you’ll be entered to win, and then you can tell all of your friends that you’re one of a handful of people to have seen Paul Thomas Anderson’s brand new film! Or at least tell them that you saw it on 35mm, which is the way the artist really intended it to be screened. Exclusive screening meets exclusive concert? It’s not often you can make both your music and film friends angry with you at the same time.

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