Kids these days have no idea just how good they have it.

Way way back in the 2000s, Paul Thomas Anderson devotees were forced to wait two, three, five years for new work from the celebrated director. There was a quiet dignity to it, the countless nights spent agonizing over wispy rumors and hearsay. Nowadays, the guy’s got more material out in the word every week. In the year following his last major feature Inherent Vice, PTA pieced together the digital music doc Junun, directed the lilting video to accompany Joanna Newsom’s single “Sapokanikan,” and now he’s struck again with another music video.

The new seven-minute clip for the title track off of Newsom’s upcoming LP Divers finds the harpist — and latest muse for PTA, who cast her as omniscient narrator Sortilège in Inherent Vice — locking eyes with the camera in a variety of lush natural landscapes dreamt up by artist Kim Keever. (Keever also contributed the cover art for the new album.) Keever’s swirls of color and texture harken back to the expressionistic transitions in PTA’s own Punch-Drunk Love. And not unlike PTA’s previous video for Fiona Apple’s “Hot Knife”, the clip focuses on the face as canvas, generating emotion through expression or the absence thereof. Amidst volcanoes, rolling hills, and craggy mountains, Newsom walks the viewer through her carefully wrought and narratively elaborate world. It’s easy to get lost in the video, not just because of Newsom’s almost comically byzantine language, but also because of the sedating beauty of Keever and PTA’s artistry. Take a look the the video, embedded above.