The first gameplay trailer for 505 Games' Payday 2 was released on Thursday, giving us our first look at the bank robber sequel in action.

Previously only available on PC and PlayStation 3, 505 Games is bringing the follow-up to the Xbox 360 as well. Originally a downloadable title, the sequel will be available at retail as well for $39.99. Pre-ordering the disc version of Payday 2 for the 360 or PS3 will earn you the Lootbag DLC, which includes some items like a red-dot sight, in-game cash, and new masks.

Two digital versions will be available on Steam, with the standard edition set for $29.99 (including the Lootbag DLC as well). A Career Criminal edition will also be available digitally for $49.99. The more expensive version features the Lootbag DLC, the Payday 2 original soundtrack, two beta keys (one to keep, one to give to a friend), in-game discounts on all purchases in Payday 2's, and Bain's Guide To The Criminal Underworld (a digital, must-have guide on heisting, and Blueprints for places to heist).

Payday 2 is due out this August on all platforms, and we can't wait to start busting into virtual banks with our friends. Check out the trailer above, and let us know what you think of Payday 2 below.