If and when you see ‘Annie,’ you’ll notice the fake movie within the movie called ‘Moonquake Lake,’ starring Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Rihanna. The trailer for that film wasn’t helmed by ‘Annie’ director Will Gluck, though—it was put together by hilarious geniuses Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the filmmaking duo behind the ‘Jump Street’ films and ‘The LEGO Movie.’ Not only does this trailer perfectly parody ‘Twilight’ and similar angsty, supernatural romance films for young adults, but it comes with its own theme song from Beck and Sia.

The above trailer is shorter than most trailers are these days, but in its brevity it manages to wonderfully satirize movies like ‘Twilight.’ It’s not entirely clear what the plot of this fake film is supposed to be, but it’s something about Kunis’ supernatural character not being able to go to the moon because a meteor might hit it … or something. It’s totally silly, of course.

Gluck previously featured another fake movie in his film ‘Friends With Benefits,’ which also starred Kunis—that fake rom-com starred Jason Segel and Rashida Jones. Hopefully Gluck continues this trend with the rest of his projects because it’s always a delightful bonus.

Check out Beck and Sia’s theme song for ‘Moonquake Lake’ below, which has some awesomely wacky lyrics.

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