Yes, it's April Fools Day. And yes, this is a trailer for 'Pineapple Express 2.' Is this a joke? If so, what are Seth Rogen, James Franco and Danny McBride all doing in this new footage? We'll explain after the break.

We're of the opinion that 'Pineapple Express' is something of a modern comedy classic. James Franco was nominated for an Oscar for '127 Hours' and there's lots of talk about his 'Spring Breakers' performance earning him another Oscar nomination but if there was any justice, he would've gotten some love for his portrayal of the lonely stoner Saul Silver in 'Pineapple Express.' But with all our love for 'Pineapple' we never really wanted a sequel. But now we have one. Sort of.

To promote the upcoming movie 'This Is the End,' stars Rogen, Franco, McBride and Craig Robinson all reunited (with special guest Jonah Hill) to shoot a fake trailer for 'Pineapple Express 2.' We don't want to give away too much of the joke, but if you wanted to see what a 'Pineapple' sequel could've looked like in an alternate universe (or if you want to see Jonah Hill playing Woody Harrelson), you'll want to check this trailer out.

Of course, this is all here to promote 'This Is the End' (starring all of these guys), which hits theaters on June 14.