'Piranha: 3DD,' the long awaited sequel to Alexandre Aja's extraneously-dimensional 2010 remake of Joe Dante's 'Piranha,' finally has a trailer and promises a summer 2012 release.

This time around the fish have found their way into 'Big Wet' (subtle, guys), a shiny new water park and beacon to plenty of bikini clad ladies ('3DD' suddenly makes sense). The film is scripted by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, and directed by John Gulager; the trio are best known for the comedic and gory 'Feast' trilogy.

'Piranha: 3DD' stars Danielle Panabaker, Katrina Bowden, and David Koechner, and promises cameos from David Hasselhoff and a returning Christopher Lloyd. Other goodies in the trailer: a piranha swims around in a woman's stomach, a baby piranha hops into a bathtub, Christopher Lloyd delivers exposition, and Ving Rhames shouts, "Bring me my legs!"

Aja's remake was a gory, silly, breast-soaked romp through bloody shores, and this version seems to dumb itself down even more (shocking, considering the absence of Jerry O'Connell).