'Pitch Perfect' hit theaters earlier this fall, and managed to make over $60 Million at the box office. As the film cost $17 Million and was warmly received, it's no surprise that Universal is talking about making a sequel, and they've already started talking to cast members.

Movieweb recently interview co-star Skylar Astin, who told them that he has a meeting with Universal shortly, and that Rebel Wilson already had hers. With the film hitting home video this week, we'd imagine that if sales are good -- and the film seemed to have good word of mouth -- that this will happen either as a theatrical release or as a direct to video type film (yeah, they still makes those) ala 'Bring it On,' which it's very easy to compare this film and its surprise success.

The question is if Academy award nominated actress and lead Anna Kendrick would be willing to reprise her role. She's not necessarily needed as it would be easy to write her out (either she graduated or moved to California as she kept suggesting she would in the first film), but if she opts out, who they get to replace her will likely determine if it is a theatrical sequel.