It's been a long time coming, but Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time will soon be released for iOS. A new video goes behind-the-scenes to give us a look at how the good folks at Popcap are cultivating this brand new adventure through time.

One of the coolest features of PvZ 2 is perhaps the ridiculous plot in which your neighbor, Dave, goes back in time in order to enjoy a taco a second time. Of course, things go wrong and you end up in Ancient Egypt.

The biggest difference between PvZ and PvZ 2 is that the gameplay isn't as linear in the sequel and will allow you to explore worlds on a map, rather than just go level by level. You'll be able to check out worlds like Ancient Egypt, Pirate Seas and the Wild West. In addition to these worlds, Popcap will also release new stages down the line.

A new mechanic called Plant Flood will allow your favorite plants to buff up for an all-out attack that's supposed to be powerful and hard-hitting. According to the devs, Plant Food is a game-changing addition that should be interesting to see.

Look out for the game when it's released for free this summer on iOS. Watch the video above and give us your impressions down in the comments section.