Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has divulged the plan for the PlayStation 3 after the PlayStation 4 is released.

An interview on GamesIndustry with Yoshida reveals a lot about the PlayStation 4, its relationship with indie titles and how the company feels about the Xbox One. But perhaps the most interest bit of news from the interview is the company's plan for the PlayStation 3 in a post-PlayStation 4 world.

When asked about the future of the PlayStation ecosystem and the PlayStation 3's place in it, Yoshida said, "I don't know if PS3 will last another five years - but definitely for the next couple of years, because of the price difference, the great library of games and the publisher side being able to support both."

He also cited the fact that many of the indie game announcements from Gamescom featured games that would appear on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.

With regard to software releases for PlayStation 3, Yoshida said, "We'll continue to support PS3 in a way that makes sense, especially the digital games that we work on - but our large teams, our AAA release teams, are transitioning from PS3 to PS4."

Click the link above to read up on the whole interview. The PlayStation 4 will be released on Nov. 15.