Sony America CEO Jack Tretton brought lots of good news to the PlayStation E3 press conference on Monday night. In addition to revealing the PlayStation 4 console itself, as well as the price, Tretton announced all PlayStation Plus subscriptions would continue unabated on PlayStation 4.

Immediately out of the gate, the PS4 will have its own Instant Game Collection, with Drive Club being made available for free to all PS+ members at launch. More games would follow, with Klei's Don't Starve among the free games to come.

Sony did reveal the PS+ subscription would now be just under $5 a month if prorated out for a full year. While it hasn't be required for online play on the PlayStation 3, when the PS4 arrives, you will need a PS+ subscription to play games online. This isn't that shocking for Xbox Live members, but current PlayStation 3 owners may not be happy about the change.

More details on how PS+ is changing in regards to the PS4 should come to light during the remainder of E3. What do you think of the announced plan so far?