Sony dropped the news of a PlayStation Vita price drop at Gamescom today. It's a good day for things to drop.

As of now, both models of the PlayStation Vita (Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi/3G) will be available for $199.99 MSRP in North America. PlayStation fans who are keen on using a Vita to play their PlayStation 4 games would do well to snag a bundle now, ahead of the craze around the next-gen console's release.

Not only is the handheld itself getting a price drop, but its memory cards are too. The following lists the memory card sizes, their previous price points and their new prices:

  • Memory Card for PS Vita 4GB - $19.99/$14.99
  • Memory Card for PS Vita 8GB - $29.99/$19.99
  • Memory Card for PS Vita 16GB - $59.99/$39.99
  • Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB - $99.99/$79.99
The Vita is more affordable than ever, so interested parties might want to bite now if they want to secure their spot in Sony's plans for the portable console.
Is this price drop enough to get you wanting a Vita? Let us know in the comments!