We’ve seen AMC series drop a number of easter eggs between shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead, and Preacher seems to be getting in on the fun as well. Penultimate Season 1 episode “Finish the Song” made a notable connection with a famous Breaking Bad scene, but what does it mean for fan theories that the shows share a universe?

Take this with a grain of salt for now, as well as potential spoilers for the penultimate Preacher Season 1 episode, but Breaking Bad fans were sure to recognize the roadside stones by which Fiore and DeBlanc waited for a charter bus to Hell. Preacher may be set in Texas, but actually shoots in New Mexico, for which the same John B. Robert Dam location served as the location Jesse and Walter waited for “The Cleaner” to pick them up at.

Preacher Breaking Bad Easter Egg

That’s no accident, given Breaking Bad alum Sam Catlin serves as showrunner to Preacher, but as HitFix pointed out, the same dog even crosses the road after both Fiore and DeBlanc, and Walter White  leave the scene.

Of course, however strongly fans may want to theorize that Preacher takes place in the Breaking Bad universe (which itself shares a connection to The Walking Dead in Merle’s blue meth and more), Preacher’s Texas setting would seem to throw a wrench in the works, given that Jesse, Walter (and the dog) waited for their rides in New Mexico. Sure, the states share a border, but … you’re already trying to make this work, aren’t you.

Either way, you can check out the site for yourself at the corner of Juan Tabo Boulevard and Osuna Road in Albuquerque, watch the final Preacher Season 1 trailer below, and feel free to lose yourself in fan theories.

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