At long last, Garth Ennis' controversial graphic novel 'Preacher' is finally making the transition from page to screen -- small screen, that is. After years of languishing in various stages of big and small screen development, AMC has ordered a pilot for a series adaptation of the story, which follows a preacher imbued with the voice of God as he hunts down the Lord himself, who has abandoned all creation, and forces Him to answer for His carelessness. 

Badass Digest reports that AMC, in a bid to fill the void left by 'Breaking Bad,' is turning its sights to another comic book adaptation: 'Preacher,' based on the graphic novel by Garth Ennis. The book follows Jesse Custer, a boozy, small town preacher who is suddenly blessed/cursed with the Voice of God, leading him on a wild adventure to track down God himself, who has abandoned His creation. Along for the ride are Tulip, a hit woman who is also Jesse's ex-girlfriend, and Cassidy, a hundred year-old Irish vampire.

There have been various attempts over the years to adapt the story: Kevin Smith once tried to make a film with the Weinsteins and Sam Mendes was -- as recently as a few years ago -- involved with a miniseries at HBO. The most recent name attached was 'Eagle Eye' helmer DJ Caruso, and that was just in the last year or so. But the subject matter is tricky and controversial and, well ... difficult.

See, there's also the apparition of John Wayne; a teenager who fails to shoot his face off and becomes a disfigured rock icon known as Arseface; psychopathic, murderous hillbillies; a secret religious cult organization; the descendant of Christ, who happens to be mentally retarded; cannibals; and a guy who fornicates with meat products. And that's really only about half of it.

'Preacher' isn't an easy story to adapt by any means, but AMC has proven in recent years that they're a network that's willing to push serious boundaries, and with guys like special effects genius Greg Nicotero -- who's done some brilliant things with 'The Walking Dead' -- in their pocket, they could do some pretty spectacular stuff with 'Preacher.'

No word yet on who might be involved to write or direct the pilot, or -- hope of all hopes -- an eventual series, but they'd have to get some pretty stellar people involved for this one.