The sweaty world of bike messengering is the tableau for David Koepp's latest film 'Premium Rush.' In it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt is given a hot package that's contents that have ramifications above his pay grade. There's a new trailer for the long-delayed film, so check it out.

The film was first scheduled to hit theaters in January, but (likely) to capitalize on Gordon-Levitt's role in 'The Dark Knight Rises,' the film was delayed until August 24. That would explain why there's an old trailer floating around. Director Koepp has been one of the more high-profile screenwriters of late, having helped come up with the final drafts of 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' and 'Men in Black 3.' He's also directed before with films like 'Ghost Town' and the Johnny Depp film 'Secret Window.'

Here's the synopsis:

A New York bike messenger is given an envelope by a young woman at an uptown Manhattan college and is told he has 90 minutes to deliver it to an address in Chinatown. Complications ensue when an undercover police office appears and demands the envelope on special grounds. The truth, hidden motivations, and the life-and-death stakes on all sides are revealed through a series of flashbacks as the cop and the messenger engage in a length-of-Manhattan chase, racing against time after the messenger discovers the precious nature of the envelope’s slender contents. This movie also stars Jamie Chung (Grown Ups, Hangover II), Dania Ramirez (Entourage, Heroes), Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire)

And here's the trailer:


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