The scheduled big-screen reboot of Baywatch has currently taken on the following performers: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Zac EfronTrue Detective’s Alexandra Daddario, and supermodel Kelly Rohrbach. These master thespians have slavishly honed their craft over decades of careful study, schooling themselves in the minor intricacies of the Meisner technique and the Stanislavski method, rehearsing Shakespearean quotations, tongue-twisting their way through the librettos of Gilbert and Sullivan, and overall, elevating the very practice of screen acting. They’ve all immersed themselves in the work of the greats — Olivier, Brando, Davis, Bergman — and earned their roles through innumerable hours of rehearsal, training, and theory. Additionally, all of these people are phenomenally good-looking, though it would be a gross disservice to Ms. Rohrbach to suggest that she earned this role due to anything other than pure talent.

The latest serious actress who is also spectacularly attractive to join Team Baywatch has been announced at Variety as Priyanka Chopra, noted Bollywood starlet and current breakout for U.S. audiences in the terrorism thriller Quantico. While her still-unspecified role will surely give her a chance to show her stuff as an action heroine — she was eminently capable in a recent remake of the classic Hindi crime epic Don — the Baywatch producers have made their intentions to skew on the side of comedy for this project clear. Baywatch will mark Chopra’s second foray into American entertainment, though this doesn’t quite establish a larger trend of transitioning to Hollywood productions and away from films in her native country, seeing as she’ll appear in the Bollywood film Jai Gangaajal this coming March. Either way, she adds a welcome dash of diversity to what has heretofore been a predominantly white cast on the distaff end. (Rohrbach’s immaculate spray-tan does not count.)

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