Ever since the release of Prometheus, Ridley Scott has been teasing fans with the idea of a sequel. Like most prolific directors, Scott always has a few projects kicking around and some never come to fruition — especially sequels. But after months of talking up the possibilities, Scott has confirmed that Prometheus 2 is officially his next project.

It was recently rumored that Prometheus 2 would head into production early next year, but with Scott still working on The Martian the director has yet to make the project official. In an interview with Scott and Matt Damon for Empire, the director casually confirms the Prometheus sequel as his next:

They faced another challenge when the film’s release date was brought forward. But according to [Matt] Damon, the typically fast-working Scott didn’t worry. “Ridley was done with the movie about two weeks after we shot!” he smiles. “I was already on to my next movie!” adds Scott. “I was starting to look for locations for my next movie, which is Prometheus 2.”

Although the first Prometheus film was rather divisive, I’m interested in seeing where Scott takes us next. The director has spent a good amount of time talking up his angle for the sequel (Collider has a helpful roundup of all the relevant quotes), which would follow Noomi Rapace’s Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Michael Fassbender’s David as they pursue the Engineer they encountered and try to find his home world.

Recently, it was rumored that Neill Blomkamp’s Alien sequel has been pushed back so Scott can make Prometheus 2 first — if so, we could see Prometheus 2 hit theaters sometime in 2017, with the Alien sequel following in 2018 or later.

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