Without question, ‘Prometheus’ is one of our most-anticipated blockbusters reaching theaters this summer. Sir Ridley Scott returning to the world of his seminal ‘Alien’ for what could amount to an epic prequel? Yeah, we’re in. But as the studio’s viral campaign ramps ups, details about the plot might be a little spoilerish, so keep that in mind as you click through and learn more about Michael Fassbender’s character, David.

For example, I wasn’t aware before this morning that David was an android, created by the Weyland Corporation to serve the team traveling aboard the spaceship of Scott’s title. That’s one of the many things we learn about David in this viral video, which was posted this morning on Mashable.com.

In Scott’s film, scientists who believe they’ve picked up a clue to the possible spark that created our universe venture to the deepest corner of space … and don’t like what they find. So many references to Scott’s ‘Alien’ can be found in early ‘Prometheus’ promo images and clips. The size of the story also seems massive, promising a return to both sci-fi and horror for the director of ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Gladiator.’

What do you think of the David ad? Disturbing, no? Look for more ‘Prometheus’ teases as we get closer to the film’s release date, June 8.