For all the bro-dudes out there lamenting the lack of movie tie-ins with their favorite beverages: the wait is over. 'Prometheus' has partnered with Coors beer and 'The Dark Knight Rises' has partnered with Mountain Dew to make sure you're all set this summer.

And who said corporate chivalry was dead? Indiewire has the scoop on the latest partnership to make your little consumer heads spin.

Maybe you want something different in your beer... like the thrill and adventure of space! Coors has you covered and asks, "Where will your thirst take you?" Maybe to your local corner market to pick up a sixer of generic, mass-manufactured beer, favored by rednecks and college frat bros alike. And then hopefully to the local theater to see 'Prometheus,' directed by old school bro Ridley Scott and starring art house bro Michael Fassbender -- Fassbro?

For those looking for something non-alcoholic but still covered in logos and a familiar face, Mountain Dew has what you need. Warner Bros. has joined forces with the purveyors of the favorite soda of Appalachian hill people and PC gamers to deliver 'The Dark Knight Rises' in soda form, including a new "dark berry" flavor. What makes this berry dark? Is it a vigilante berry out to clean up the mean berry streets?

The slogan is "Rule the Streets with Dew" because obviously all it takes to get a bunch of criminals in line is a case of Mountain Dew. Even more unfortunate is the in-store display that features a very sad-looking Batman holding a tub of radioactive-colored soda. He's sad because your teeth are going to fall out.

Dudes! Let's get some swill beer and carbonated diabetes and get our rage on. Batman and Michael Fassbro approve!