You know, just writing that title has us realizing that 'American Horror Story' needs to get on casting former 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' star Barry Bostwick, especially considering he's been on 'Glee'! That aside, it looks like the upcoming 'Psych' season 7 is the real winner, having cast the former 'Spin City' and 'Rocky Horror' star for its upcoming 2-hour musical episode, but who will the legendary musical man play?

'Psych's' seventh season might not yet have a premiere date on USA, but its upcoming musical episode is moving full-steam ahead, picking up several theater veterans for the star-studded extravaganza. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we've learned that one-time 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' star Barry Bostwick is the latest to join the 2-hour special, alongside 'Rent' alum Anthony Rapp and '2 Broke Girls' star Brooke Lyons.

Currently filming in Vancouver, Bostwick will take the role of "Armitage," a businessman and owner of a lavish theater in Santa Barbara. To date, very little else is known about the episode, first announced at Comic-Con 2012. Though not in the musical episode, Anthony Michael Hall also has a guest appearance in 'Psych's' seventh season, which nearly completes its task of casting all the former 'Breakfast Club' stars. One day, Emilio. One day.

What say you? Do you think 'Psych' can pull off a two-hour musical, particularly now with Barry Bostwick? Who would you like to see recruited for the episode?