The Comic-Con 2012 'Psych' panel took place in Ballroom 20 on Thursday, and after seven years of clever nicknames and jokes, we've learned that the show is about to get real! Led by panelists Elie Dekel, Paul Schrier, Tony Oliver and moderator Brian Ward, we found out some juicy details about the upcoming season 7.

Here are the highlights:

  • Thanks to a sizzle reel, we know know to expect a found-footage style episode, complete with Bigfoot and ‘Blair Witch’ references, of course. The sizzle reel for season 7 also showed us our first look at Parminder Nagra as Gus’ new love interest, a woman he met online. She’s quick with the jokes, too, calling Sean a “Filipino Steve Perry!”
  • The show’s 100th episode will see Shawn, Gus and the team spending a night in a mansion, ‘Clue’ style! And is that Christopher Lloyd guest starring? We think it is!
  • Looks like Shawn’s dad Henry is in trouble! Things get especially dark as Henry has to be rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds, and Shawn confesses that he’s not ready for his father to go. But what will he do when he finally gets his own gun trained on the shooter? We’ll find out!
  • Will there be a season 8? “We sure hope so, the guys deserve it," said Steve Franks.
  • As for more spoof-centric episodes, it was revealed the rights to make 'Star Wars' parodies are pretty expensive, so we wouldn’t expect to see too many of those again. They haven't quite worked out the 'X-Files' episode just yet, but how would you like a two-hour movie musical special to make up for it? The musical has been teased for years, but it’s “partially written” now, and shooting in October!
  • Will the Yang killer be back? James Roday certainly wouldn’t say no, as the character is still alive, but wouldn’t go into more detail than that. Who will be here, however? Why, ‘Arrested Development’s' patriarch Jeffrey Tambor, playing Jules’ stepdad!

Oh, and just one more pretty awesome detail: In order for you to acquire all the same sets of skills as displayed on 'Psych,' authors Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster are penning their very own 'Psych's Guide to Crime-Fighting for the Totally Unqualified,' which is set to be on bookshelves February 19, 2013.