Looking forward to Puppeteer's release next month? If you're like us, then you're hungry for whatever morsel of information is released about the game. Thankfully, some new tidbits about the boss battles have just been posted.

Gavin Moore, Art Director at SCE Worldwide Studios, has posted a handful of sweet gifs on the PlayStation Blog that highlight the bosses we'll find in Puppeteer.

First up is General Dragon, who is a Chinese-style flying creature with gemstones in his hands. He's supposed to be a street-smart dude who's akin to a gangster. General Dog is half beast and half machine, but fully loyal to the Moon Bear King and General Monkey. Speaking of General Monkey, this guy is very mad scientist-like and revels in experimenting and trying to trap our hero, Kutaro.

General Sheep has the appearance of a pirate and is only loyal to the Moon Bear King so long as he's getting paid. General Rabbit looks like a magician and has a penchant for shirking his duties in favor of some teatime with General Rooster, a very narcissistic fellow with a pompadour.

And finally, there's the Moon Bear King himself. He's big, he's evil and he's the cause of all of Kutaro's problems. In short, he needs to go down.

Check out the bosses and let us know if you're looking forward to taking them down when Puppeteer is released on Sept. 10 for PlayStation 3.