Here's some pretty big news for Golden Globes weekend: Quentin Tarantino has apparently finished the script for his upcoming western film, which is reportedly titled 'The Hateful Eight,' and, if the rumors are true, he's already eyeing actors for two of the lead roles: Christoph Waltz (which would make sense), and Bruce Dern (which would make us so, so happy). 

Deadline reports the news, which we have to take with a little grain of salt since it hasn't yet been confirmed by Tarantino or anyone close to the director. Word is that his much-buzzed about new western project has been given the official title 'The Hateful Eight,' which does have a Tarantino ring to it, and that the writer/director has finished a draft and is in the process of showing that draft to potential stars.

The two names he's eyeing so far, according to the report: Christoph Waltz, the Austrian actor who won Academy Awards for his roles in the Tarantino films 'Inglourious Basterds' and 'Django Unchained.' The other name being floated is Bruce Dern, the 77 year-old veteran actor and star of Alexander Payne's 'Nebraska,' who has garnered Oscar buzz for his performance in that film. Dern had a small role in 'Django Unchained,' but we'd love to see him with a leading part in a Tarantino film.

While Waltz is a given, Dern is a fascinating choice -- again, we're not sure if any of this is 100% true as of yet, but that Dern news certainly makes us hope it is.

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