What if you had the opportunity to show off the best you have to offer in filmmaking to one of the biggest names in the business, Quentin Tarantino? Thanks to Red Bull America and The Weinstein Company, they're giving some lucky undiscovered talents the chance to be in the spotlight with a brand new contest in connection with 'Django Unchained'.

The challenge is to "find your own voice," which Tarantino explains in the video below. The contest officially starts on June 15th but you can already look at the rules and register today on RedBullUSA.com/Django. You can submit your own original multimedia piece that will be judged by Quentin Tarantino and company.

The original piece must be three minutes and must include footage from either 'Django Unchained' or one of the movies that inspired his homage to the spaghetti western genre which includes 'Django' (1966), 'Day of Anger' (1967) and 'The Grand Duel' (1972). On top of that, make sure you add in a musical track from the featured bands on the Red Bull website.

Now you must be wondering what's the prize? Not only will you be able to go to this year's San Diego Comic-Con but you'll meet Quentin Tarantino in person. You'll also receive a Red Bull prize pack which will have all sorts of energy goodies inside.

Watch Quentin Tarantino's video below and get to work!