There are way too many incredible Quentin Tarantino movie scenes to list them all, but what about that one from 'Kill Bill,' where Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu exchange a quiet "Trix are for Kids" line before the storm of samurai swords? Or how about Thurman, again, turning to John Travolta outside the Jack Rabbit Slim's in 'Pulp Fiction' and saying, "An Elvis man should love it."

Tarantino, who recently experienced the theatrical debut of his latest project 'Django Unchained,' loves to insert pop culture references in all his films. If you thought it was nearly impossible to document every single one he's ever been made... well, you might be right. However, there's now a supercut of most of these said references in one convenient six-minute video.

From Superman and Fantastic Four to Charlie Chaplan and 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly,' the folks at College Humor thought it'd be a gas to compile (nearly) every pop culture reference made in one Quentin Tarantino movie or another. If you're a fan of the man behind such movies as 'Reservoir Dogs,' 'Inglourious Basterds' and 'Death Proof,' this'll be six minutes well spent.

Check out the video below: