If you've seen 'Raiders of the Lost Ark,' you've seen this scene before -- but not like this. To celebrate the release of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' in IMAX this weekend and the upcoming Blu-ray box set, we've got a look at an alternate version of the scene in which Indiana Jones faces a guy with a really big sword.

EW posted this exclusive alternate, extended take of the scene from the classic film. In the final version, Indiana Jones goes running through a bazaar in Cairo, searching for his lady pal Marion Ravenwood, who has been kidnapped by the Nazis. Indy rushes through the crowds, frantically searching for her, when the people begin to back away and clear the area to reveal a mysterious bad guy in a black robe with a huge, menacing sword. The guy does some crazy moves with his sword to indicate just how much of a bad-ass he is with the thing, and then Indy whips out his gun and shoots him. Hilarity!

But in this extended, alternate take, Indy doesn't have a gun. Instead, he only has his bullwhip. Taken from the behind-the-scenes documentary from the upcoming Blu-ray box set, watch as Indy tries to fight a skilled swordsman with nothing more than a whip.

As the story goes, Harrison Ford had food poisoning on the day of the sword fight shoot and requested that Steven Spielberg come up with something quicker. Thus, movie history was born. Check out the original footage below!