Hot on the heels of the news that 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' is returning to the big screen, we have a new trailer for the reissue. It confirms what we know: it's a one week engagement on Imax screens, partly to help sell the upcoming Blu-rays. And now we also know that AMC is also doing a one-day all-Indy Marathon in select locations.

It looks like the marathon is on September 15, and that's a couple days after the big Imax week-long run, which probably means the marathon is a digital projection. Locations and ticket prices can be found on AMC's site.

The timing on this is smart, though we're still not sure if they're making actual Imax prints, or if all locations will be playing a digital projection. Studios and theater owners have been nothing but pleased with the revenue bump that comes from an Imax release, and the only problem they've been having is filling those screens during the off seasons. Last year we saw 'Contagion' go Imax, and that was partly because they wanted something new on those screens during September. But with more and more digital projection, that should stop being an issue.

Here's the trailer: