We may not always traffic in the circles of 'Raising Hope,' but when characters are tearing up the roads at 88 miles per hour in a DeLorean while Christopher Lloyd looks on incredulously, you can bet we're going to keep up. This Tuesday's all-new 'Raising Hope' episode "Credit Where Credit Is Due" will feature legendary 'Back to the Future' star Lloyd as an unscrupulous bank representative who stands in the Chance family's way, but how does a DeLorean get in the mix? Find out the latest from 'Raising Hope' inside!

Before we inevitably bleed out our ears at news of a 'Back to the Future' sequel or remake, let us bask in the nostalgia as 'Raising Hope' presents it to us. This Tuesday's all-new episode will feature 'Back to the Future' trilogy star Christopher Lloyd appearing as Dennis Powers, a loan collector who contacts the Chances about an old debt when Jimmy (Lucas Neff) and Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) consider buying a new car on credit.

FOX has issued its best look yet at Tuesday's episode, which also sees Burt and Virginia purchasing a DeLorean to spite their debt, one which unsurprisingly catches the eye of Christopher Lloyd's character. Don't you worry, he'll take a turn in the driver's seat before the night is out.

Check out the latest promo for 'Raising Hope's 'Back to the Future Parody' "Credit Where Credit is Due" below, and tell us in the comment if you'll tune in!

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