Dwayne Johnson really wants us all to know that he’s currently filming his newest project, a video game adaptation of Rampage, about a trio of oversized beasts who go on a, well, rampage across a city, and only a few brave souls can stop them. Those brave souls, this time, are The Rock himself, Naomie Harris, and The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who appears in Johnson’s latest Instagram from the set.

Naturally, The Rock plays the movie’s hero, an “animal loving anti-poacher from Rwanda.” He’s joined in the fight against the monsters by Harris, a geneticist, and “the cowboy himself,” Morgan, who comes from an organization called “the OGA.”

You can tell Morgan plays a cowboy type because he’s got a holster and a big belt buckle, get it? The synopsis for the film, as it stands now, is “Three gigantic mutated monsters (silverback, crocodile, and grey wolf) rampaging across the country. Party in hell.” Johnson’s partner, normally a regular-sized gorilla, is captured by some evil people and made huge, and then is set loose to run around destroying millions of dollars of public property.

You’d think I would have learned by now not to trust video game movies, but man, I am all in for Rampage. It’s exactly the kind of nutty, action-packed vehicle The Rock’s enthusiasm is perfect for, and it involves people in motion-capture suits acting like animals. What’s not to be excited for??

Rampage hits theaters April 20, 2018.

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