There have been rumors (lots of rumors) as of late regarding the coveted judging spots on 'American Idol.' We know for a fact that diva supreme Mariah Carey is one of the new replacements to fill the void left by Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and while Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban (so not who we were expecting) are said to be in the final stages of joining up, that leaves Randy Jackson floating around in space.

We've previously reported in light of murmorings that the entire 'Idol' judges' panel would be revamped and Jackson, the longest lasting judge on the show, would be stepping down from his role to accept a more minor position as "mentor" to the contestants. Now, it looks like it'll be made official very soon... if it hasn't already.

Sources allegedly came forward to TMZ revealing that the folks at 'American Idol' are uneasy with Jackson taking on this new position as they're not sure yet whether he'd be good for it. However, they're still planning on keeping him on as of recent as they feel he's the "glue that helps keep the show together."

Well, that's definitely true. So far, he's been the only real person fans of 'Idol' expect to return season after season, even when all others jumped ship. Hopefully Mariah Carey won't be one of those. As we've already said, bubbly rapper Nicki Minaj is pretty guaranteed to be one of the next judges, but Carey is not a fan of her, being that she was expected to be the only female judge on the team. She may not get a say in the matter regardless, and with a paycheck of $18 million for the season, what does she have to complain about?