Fans are itching to play Rayman Legends, especially since it's been delayed so much that it's almost become a gaming urban myth. But the game will definitely be released soon, so new videos, like the ones just posted to Official Nintendo Mag, do a lot to whet our appetites.

The two videos feature footage from a multiplayer level called "The Deadly Lights," and a boss fight with a mecha-dragon that looks straight out of Shenlong's nightmares.

In The Deadly Lights, players have to traverse the stage without stepping into the lights that act as the enemies' fields of vision. Given that this game is being developed by Ubisoft, it almost feels like a nod to Sam Fisher and the Splinter Cell series' stealth mechanics.

The boss fight spans the whole stage and has Rayman hopping around to different points of safety while avoiding the death-beams that spring forth from the mechanical beast's mouth. It looks like a thrilling fight and we can't wait to play through it.

Watch the videos above and below and let us know what you think of the game. Do you believe it will be worth the wait? Let us know!