Rosamund Pike floored audiences last year in David Fincher’s Gone Girl — as Amy Dunne, Pike displayed unnerving versatility, provocatively commanding the film and earning herself a much-deserved Oscar nod. We’ve all been anxious to see how she’d flex her acting muscles next, but Return to Sender doesn’t exactly look like the follow-up we were all hoping for.

Return to Sender looks like a Lifetime Original movie, one from the ‘90s, during the days when the network was obsessed with sexual assault narratives often ripped from the headlines. At least this has a higher budget and a better cast, and there’s a chance Pike could elevate this material to something far greater than its too-basic plot.

Pike plays an aspiring surgeon who is sexually assaulted after a blind date, so she sets about trying to get her life back by any means necessary to restore some sense of agency. Shiloh Fernandez plays her attacker, while it appears that Nick Nolte (!!!) plays her father. The film also stars Rumer Willis and comes from Fouad Mikati, the director of Operation: Endgame (yeah, I don’t know why, either).

It seems likely that Return to Sender was filmed before Gone Girl, and is being released this year to capitalize on the success of that film — Pike’s character in this film looks to have some shades of Amy Dunne, a woman defiantly attempting to get what she wants and empower herself along the way. Of course, this character is a bit more empathetic and will likely be less divisive.

Return to Sender opens in the U.K. on May 22. The film currently has no distribution in the U.S., but I assume it’ll pop up in limited/VOD release by fall.

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