With NBC's 'Revolution' set to power up its return episode "The Stand" on Monday, March 25, fans of the series are no doubt preparing themselves for a shifting landscape and a host of new characters to appear on the NBC drama in the wake of November's electrifying finale "Nobody's Fault But Mine." Sadly, 'Justified' star David Meunier's menacing 'Revolution' character Sgt. William Strausser seems to have been powered down forever, but might the character somehow return to haunt the rebels? Find out what Meunier had to say of a 'Revolution' return inside!

'Revolution' will return from its long slumber on March 25 with the second half of its inaugural season, but David Meunier's deranged Sergeant William Strausser likely won't be getting up with it. The character was last seen getting his comeuppance by having Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) shove his own sword through his chest, but as Meunier knowingly reminded us in a recent interview, death may not be the last we see of Strausser after all.

Well, there is a world of flashbacks! And when I was there last [on the North Carolina set], my pitch was if Elizabeth Mitchell’s character has nightmares, that would be a good place for Strausser to return...

Time will tell if NBC follows up on Meunier's pitch to return the character to 'Revolution,' but with the way things have been going for his 'Justified' character of late, we wouldn't be surprised if Meunier had some availability going forward. Not to mention, Sgt. Strausser and his knives certainly gave us nightmares.

We'll have much more from Meunier in our exclusive interview as 'Justified' moves toward the end of its fourth season, but what say you? Would you like to see Strausser return when the new 'Revolution' episodes pick up on March 25? Check out the first minute of the next episode below, and tell us what you most want to see from 'Revolution' in the comments!