Certainly, the stars of 'LOST' haven't had trouble finding work (R.I.P. 'Alcatraz')following the end of the critically acclaimed, oft-debated series, but we're always happy to see a 'LOST'-ie back on the tube.  Already having one island-dweller on its side, NBC's forthcoming J.J. Abrams drama 'Revolution' has picked up yet another castaway, but for how long?  And will they finally tell us what the deal with the Smoke Monster was?

TVLine is announcing that NBC's upcoming sci-fi survivor series 'Revolution' has picked up yet another former 'LOST' star, this time in actor Jeff Fahey.  The former Frank Lapidus will play an character named "Hutch," guest -starring in an early episode.  It remains unknown if the role will prove recurring, particular with the show's ever-moving structure of "'Lord of the Rings' across America."

Fahey isn't the only 'LOST' star we'll be seeing in another life, as actress Elizabeth Mitchell has been cast in the series in the role of Rachel Matheson.  The character was originally played by 'Rescue Me' vet Andrea Roth in the pilot, but replaced by Mitchell.

Fahey has appeared in a number of series since departing 'LOST,' including USA's 'Common Law,' Comedy Central's 'Workaholics,' and even a brief turn in the final season of NBC's 'Chuck.'

For those unfamiliar with the series, 'Revolution' follows a band of survivors (led by 'Twilight's Billy Burke) as they travel across America, a global blackout having robbed the world of all its electricity some 15 years prior.  Along the way, the groups journey is complicated by the imposing Captain Neville ('Breaking Bad's Giancarlo Esposito), leader of a Militia that now runs the territory.

What say you?  Do you think any more 'LOST' stars will partake in the 'Revolution?'  Are you going to tune in for the series when it premieres Monday, September 17?  Let us know what you think in the comments!