Ridley Scott, who is apparently unstoppable and has evolved beyond sleep, has already signed on to yet another new project. While his Getty kidnapping drama is currently casting quite the slate of A-listers, that’s not stopping him from signing on to a movie about the World War II Battle of Britain, the first and one of the craziest air campaigns in military history.

Deadline reports the script will be written by Matthew Orton, an up-and-comer who seems to enjoy the WWII era, as he also penned Operation Finale, the movie about the hunt and capture of Holocaust architect Adolf Eichmann which will star Oscar Isaac. The Battle of Britain is the first ever campaign waged entirely from the air, and was fought by British RAF against the German Luftwaffe. It lasted from either July to October 1940, or from July 1940 to June 1941, depending on if you ask the Brits or the Germans. Nazi Germany’s objective was to invade and get Britain to surrender to a peace settlement after they drove the British army out of mainland Europe, and their planes bombed shipping ports, airfields, and aircraft production factories during their blockade. At night, the Luftwaffe bombings became known as the Blitz.

Scott has a number of projects lined up after Alien: Covenant hits theaters, including the first of many Alien: Covenant sequels, the Getty kidnapping movie All the Money in the World, and drug war drama The Cartel. He was even thinking about a western at one point, though given his current schedule, there’s no telling when that’ll come together. The Battle of Britain movie is a bit of a passion project for Scott, so this might be shifted up near the top of his schedule.

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