A sad day for fans of George Coe and his extensive body of work, as the Oscar-nominated 86-year old actor and activist has passed away. The lifelong star was recently known for his work as Archer’s ever-faithful servant Woodhouse, and also dates back to the original cast of SNL.

Variety confirmed the loss, adding that the actor died Saturday in Santa Monica, California, of an unspecified life-long illness. Coe had also served over a dozen years on the SAG national board of directors, including as Vice President for two, and creating the template for the Guild’s first low-budget production contract.

In addition to his Archer voice, Coe also provided the pipes for Autobot Wheeljack in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, appearing in everything over the years from Star Trek: The Next Generation, to The West Wing, to The Golden Girls and even Curb Your Enthusiasm. Coe was also among SNL’s original “Not Ready for Prime Time Players,” but was only credited as a cast member for the 1975 premiere, appearing a handful of times thereafter.

Best thoughts to the family, and fans of George Coe’s work. He will be missed.

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