Sometimes, a movie’s premise sounds like maybe a little bit it’s been completely structured around an outmoded cultural stereotype. But also sometimes, this same movie is being made by people who have proven themselves intelligent and funny and capable of doing fine work in the past, and so you’re left with an awkward ambivalence about the entire production, not sure who to trust, and figure maybe you’ll just wait this thing out and see what the finished product looks like before getting your blood pressure up, and go fix yourself a frosty beverage.

So it is with a cool head and diplomatic disposition that we note the announcement of a upcoming film titled How to Be a Latin Lover on Deadline. A handful of new cast members have signed on for the comedy directed by Ken Marino, alumnus of The State and frequent presence in the work of David Wain. Rob Lowe and Kristen Bell will join Eugenio Derbez onscreen, along with ’60s and ’70s icon Raquel Welch and Rob Riggle (21 and 22 Jump Streets). The plot, however, gives this writer pause: Derbez portrays an “aging Latin lover” who retreats to live with his estranged sister and her young son following a difficult breakup. According to Deadline’s item, he sports “a wardrobe consisting mostly of Versace speedos” as he goes on a mission to find himself a new paramour to enable his lifestyle.

Now this sure sounds like it’s playing on decades-old stereotypes about the sexual potency of Latin men, but Marino’s a pretty smart guy. He ostensibly knows better than to do that, so maybe it’s just best to withhold judgement until someone’s actually seen the film. Or at least the trailer.

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