Disney Animation Studios Frozen II had a record-shattering opening weekend, grossing $130 million domestically and $228.2 million overseas for a total of $358.2 million worldwide. You could build a lot of snowmen with that kind of profit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frozen II has surpassed this year’s Toy Story 4 for "Biggest Global Opening of All Time for an Animated Film". The latter grossed $240.9 million. Frozen II broke its predecessor’s own record for "Biggest Domestic November Opening for an Animated Film" – Frozen’s five-day Thanksgiving run grossed $93 million. It’s also the highest grossing three-day opening for Disney Animation Studios, surpassing 2016’s Zootopia ($75.1 million).

With a whole six years in between the two films, it’s pretty impressive how Frozen II stacked up to the original in terms of box office sales. Then again, Frozen isn’t just a film franchise, it’s an empire. While critical response slightly more icy towards the sequel, nothing is going to stop Anna and Elsa devotees from getting their Frozen fix.

Disney has passed $10.8 billion in global ticket sales this year. Their monstrous success with Frozen II is very much likely going to be repeated with Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th.

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