See the look on Robert Downey Jr.'s face in the picture above? If he looks a bit smug, it's because he's wondering what island to buy after hauling in a large sum for his work in the box office smash 'The Avengers.'

Just how large of a sum are we talking about? How about $50 million.

No, that's not a typo. According to Vulture, Robert Downey Jr. is expected to earn around $50 million dollars after back-end compensation and bonuses off the financial powerhouse that is 'The Avengers.' That's $50 million for 37-minutes of screen time. This puts RDJ right up there with top Hollywood earners such as Leonardo DiCaprio who earned $59 million for 'Inception.'

$50 million is a lot of dough for an actor in a superhero movie and we're sure RDJ's agent managed to get another sweet deal made up for 'Iron Man 3.'

So what can Robert Downey Jr. do with $50 million more dollars? Using our contacts deep within the bowels of Hollywood, we gained exclusive access to his updated to-do list:

5. Purchase the rights to Tony Stark's facial hair style, requiring every kid over 16 to pay him a royalty fee before heading to comic book conventions dressed as Iron Man.

4. Hire Egyptian slaves to carry him around on a red and gold throne.

3. Have flaming bags of poo delivered daily to the doorstep of DC Comics with "LOL!" written on various pictures of Ryan Reynolds.

2. Make sure every copy of 'Iron Man 2' that exists is buried in a landfill next to the millions of Atari 2600 'E.T.' game cartridges.

1. Build a time machine, travel back to 1986 and kill the entire 'Back to School' costuming and makeup department for making Derek Lutz look like a schizophrenic vampire peacock.

What would you buy with $50 million in Avengers money? Let us know in the comments below!