Later this year, Robert Pattinson will team with beloved genre director David Cronenberg for ‘Cosmopolis,’ an adaptation of Don DeLillo’s celebrated novel that casts the ‘Twilight’ sensation in a markedly different light. Don’t believe me? Then check out this racy, NSFW teaser that suggests Pattinson’s ready to blow a hole through his Team Edward image and take his career to new depths.

Did he just shoot a hole through his own hand? Don’t take such a literal stance on the clip. The teaser also includes a quick shot of a dinosaur, suggesting that anything could happen in Cronenberg’s adaptation of DeLillo’s story.

For those who didn’t read the novel, Pattinson will play Eric Packer, a multimillionaire trying to get across a traffic-congested Manhattan in the back of his stretch limo who encounters an array of oddities as he contends with a presidential visit to his city, the funeral procession of a deceased rapper, and frequent visits by his unhinged wife. Along the way, Packer buys and sells individual fortunes as he gambles on the stock market and advises his clients to bet against the yen.

It sounds strange, which means Cronenberg’s ideally suited to get under the skin of DeLillo’s narrative and unearth the dark underbelly. The clip has a fantastic ‘Less Than Zero’ vibe to it, from the intense sexuality to the unpredictable violence. And while it’s too short of a tease to really pass judgment, I will say I didn’t know Pattinson had this sort of material in him.

Maybe he doesn’t? We won’t know for sure. But ‘Cosmopolis’ – which co-stars Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, Jay Baruchel and Juliette Binoche – could alienate the actor’s rabid ‘Twilight’ fans with its in-your-face candor. Then again, that might be his plan, all along.