People who have been watching the progress of the 'RoboCop' remake with skepticism will certainly get their coals stoked with this news: Sony has decided to delay the film's release, plucking it out of its August 9, 2013 date and pushing it back to February 7, 2014 frame. Let the speculation commence.

At first glance, it's hard to sugarcoat what this portends for 'RoboCop'; a comfy summer slot is abandoned in favor of the dead zone of February? With the images that have been surfacing from the Toronto set being of little consolation to fans of the original, this would seem to indicate things are more dire than we had feared. (And let's not forget Padilha's alleged 'RoboCop is Hell' comments.)

Of course, if we want to play devil's advocate, we can remind you that February isn't the dumping ground it once was, with fanboy-friendly flicks like 'Ghost Rider', 'Daredevil' and 'Safe House' all doing well during the month in recent years.

In 'RoboCop's' place, the studio has moved Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium', which previously owned a March 1, 2013 date and this move might be more a vote of confidence for 'Elysium' at the end of the day. It gets a juicy summer slot not unlike the one inhabited by the director's feature debut, 'District 9', which pleasantly surprised during the dog days of August. Sony has not revved up the marketing machine for 'Elysium' yet, so this allows the studio to carefully plan its campaign.

Then there's the possible Comic-Con factor: This is a prime post-Comic-Con date, which gives Sony a chance to wow the crowds at the geek summit with 'Elysium' goods as they did with 'District 9' in 2009. (Do I hear "surprise screening?") Comic-Con would also be a opportune moment to premiere fresh 'RoboCop' footage.

Whatever the case, we've got a long wait for both sci-fi features. Hey, look at it this way: At least Sony hasn't announced that 'RoboCop' is being converted into 3D. (Yet.)